I Remember

from by Metajoker

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Character: Discord
A rerecorded and remastered version of the original work.


I remember all those centuries ago,
Back when the world was new
It seemed so flawless, now I know
That no perfection's ever true.
I once considered you a friend,
Before my world went straight to hell
The scars you've cause will never mend
But then, you know that all too well.

Oh, Celestia, my dear,
We used to laugh, we use to play
But now the world has changed, I fear
And all because of that one day.

Its truth seems like mythology
For none recall except us two,
Now misery belongs to me
And perfect bliss resides in you.
The choices that I made perhaps
Were not the wisest, yes it's true
But even so, we used to laugh,
Why did it have to end so soon?

Oh, Celestia, you were my rock
Before the fates led us astray
But now on different roads we walk
I wish that you would turn my way.

You chose to live your royalty
And left your dear old friend behind,
All alone, I'm never free.
For I only wish that you'd be mine,
I thought we were a perfect pair,
I thought those days of bliss were real,
I guess you never really cared,
And now Chaotic hatred's all I feel.

You left me helpless, I consented,
Turned to spreading fear across the earth
Do I regret? Have I repented?
As if my words hold any worth.

Oh, Celestia, my love,
We used to laugh, we used to play
But now you rule the sun above.
I guess there's one thing left to say:
Celestia, I hate you so,
My days have darkened, dull and gray
I wanted you with all my soul
But you just turned and walked away.


from Second Chances, released August 5, 2013




Metajoker North Carolina

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